Uffizi, Boboli and Palazzo Pitti in free entry here dates

Leonardo Museum, Vinci
10 April 2019

Uffizi, Boboli and Palazzo Pitti in free entry here dates

From 03/17/2019 to 11/30/2019

This year there will be numerous days of free admissions, linked to the history and traditions of Florence, in the Uffizi museum complex, established on the basis of the new standards of the Mibac, published in the Official Gazette. The 12 dates of free access are divided into three types: those that will cover all the spaces of the Galleries, those that will be valid only for the Uffizi and those that will be active only at Palazzo Pitti and at the Boboli Gardens.

“The days chosen for this initiative are highly symbolic and evocative recurrences not only for the history of Florence but also for that of Tuscany and Italy – comments the Director of the Uffizi Galleries, Eike Schmidt – the program of free admissions in our museums it can therefore also have a formative value, and be useful so that all citizens can remember and celebrate in the sign of art and culture some of the most important moments and characters of our past ”

The program in short

The Uffizi, Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens

March 24th

Florentine New Year’s Eve and the birth of Francesco I de ‘Medici (given that in 2019 the same day, March 25, is a day of regular closure

June 23rd
San Giovanni, patron saint of Florence (given that in 2019 the same day, June 24, is a day of regular closure)

October 11th
Arrival of Vittoria della Rovere in Florence

October 31st
Family Pact (Anna Maria Luisa de ‘Medici and the Medici legacy)

The Uffizi

26 May
Commemoration of the Massacre of the Georgofili and value of Legality (given that in 2019 the same day, May 27, is a day of regular closure)

2 June
Italian Republic Holiday

11 August
Commemoration of the Uffizi Fire (given that in 2019 the same day, 12 August, is the day of regular closure)

6 November
Birth of Leopoldo de ‘Medici

Palazzo Pitti and Boboli

March 17th
Unity of Italy (Pitti reggia sabauda which includes the Palatine Gallery, that of Modern Art, the Museum of Fashion and Costume, that of Porcelain, the Treasure of the Grand Dukes)

4 August
Commemoration of the Night of Bridges (and the value of Protection and Peace)

27 August
Coronation as Grand Duke of Cosimo I (birth of the Grand Duchy and enhancement of the cultural stature of the condottiero and man, who commissioned the construction of the Uffizi and revitalized the Florentine urban planning and administration)

30 November
Feast of Tuscany

The program in full

Free days in the whole complex

The first will be on March 24, the Sunday before the Florentine New Year, and the birth of Francesco I de ‘Medici (in 1541), the’ founder ‘of the Uffizi as a museum and research space. The second will be June 23, the eve of San Giovanni, patron saint of Florence; in October there will be two, dedicated to two great women. October 11 will be a tribute to Vittoria Della Rovere, the last descendant of the noble lineage of the dukes of Urbino, fifth Grand Duchess of Tuscany and wife of Ferdinando II of the Medici, on the occasion of her arrival in Florence, from Pesaro, together with her mother Claudia, when he was just one year old. On October 31, instead, he will remember the Pact of Family held by the last Medici descendant, the Electress Palatine Anna Maria Luisa with Francesco Stefano di Lorena in 1737, thanks to which the collections and cultural heritage of the Grand Dukes were permanently bound to remain in Florence and in Tuscany.

Free days in the Uffizi Gallery and in the statues of the paintings

It starts on May 26th, for the commemoration of the Massacre of the Georgofili, in memory of the tragic event that took place on May 27th 1993 and in homage to the value of Legality. Second appointment on June 2, Republic Day, and third on August 11, on the eve of the anniversary of the tragic fire that devastated part of the Gallery on August 12, 1762, destroying many of the works kept. On November 6, finally, free access to celebrate the birthday of Leopoldo de ‘Medici (born in 1617), a cardinal, a man of science and culture and a passionate collector, who contributed throughout his life to greatly expand the artistic heritage of the Gallery.

Free days at Palazzo Pitti and in the Boboli Gardens

Free admission on March 17th, in 1861 date of the Unity of Italy: the free day in this case pays tribute not only to the unification, but also to the role of Palazzo Pitti, from 1865 the Savoy royal palace, where Vittorio Emanuele II resided in the six years in which Florence was the capital of Italy, until 1871. On August 4, new possibility of free access to the Palace and Garden: the anniversary is the dramatic night of the Bridges, August 4, 1944, when the Nazi army that occupied Florence did jump with explosives several bridges over the Arno, including the one of Santa Trinita, designed by Michelangelo and realized by order of Cosimo I by Bartolomeo Ammannati, and also many historical buildings overlooking both sides of the Arno. Also in August, there will be a new day of free visits on the 27th, in 1569 of the coronation to Grand Duke of Cosimo I, an event that marked the birth of the Grand Duchy in Tuscany. It was Cosimo, however, who commissioned the construction of the building that was supposed to house the Magistrates, that is the functions of the Florentine state machine, later known as the Uffizi, to bring the Boboli garden to completion and expand the Palace same as Pitti. Then, on November 30, for the feast of the Feast of Tuscany, celebrated on the occasion of the anniversary of the abolition of the death penalty in the Grand Duchy decided in 1786 as part of the penal reform by Pietro Leopoldo di Lorena“.