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12 April 2018
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11 April 2019

Leonardo Museum, Vinci

15 April – 15 October 2019

On April 15, the day on which the anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci is celebrated, the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition opens at the Leonardo Museum. At the origins of the Genius ”which sees the prestigious collaboration with the Uffizi Galleries in Florence.

The protagonist of the exhibition is the famous drawing “Landscape”, loaned for six weeks by the Uffizi Galleries, already identified as a view of the Lower Valdarno and the Valdinievole.
From this first known work of Leonardo, on which he himself reports the date 5 August 1473, the exhibition itinerary unfolds centered precisely on the Landscape as a programming of the entire work of the Vinciano, of which various interpretations are proposed here and, also in the face of the more recent investigations, a reading of the drawing from several points of view. The thematic elements that Leonardo will address in the course of his studies are already well present in the drawing: these include his deep interest in nature, his fascination with water, his geological and cartographic research.

Alongside the design, precious documents borrowed from the State Archives of Florence are fundamental testimonies to retrace Leonardo’s first years in Vinci and his relationships with his family and his native land to which he remained deeply attached. Among the documents, the display of the notarial register on which the grandfather Antonio da Vinci noted, after those of his sons, the birth and baptism of his nephew Leonardo is very suggestive.