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Useful information for a pleasant stay
Dear Guests, we would like to provide you with the following information to make the most of our services and spend a pleasant stay at our house.
Daniele and Mariia will be your point of reference for any problem you may encounter during your stay, for further information on the farm services and also for tourist information.
We warmly welcome you and wish you a pleasant stay at the Agriturismo Spazzavento

Welcome instructions

Guests are requested to inform the Management of their arrival time.
If you suffer an unexpected event or are unable to reach the structure within the communicated time, please contact Daniele using the landline number +39 0571 5857120 or the mobile number +39 339 6517704 to warn of the delay or to get information on how to find us .
Upon arrival, each guest is asked to give Daniele or Mariia their own valid identity document to complete the administrative formalities and to show their green pass which will be subjected to a validity check.

Rules of conduct

Breakfast: Breakfast is served under the porch or in the garden from 08.00 to 10.00.
To better organize the breakfast service and avoid unnecessary waiting, we ask you to let us know on your arrival the desired time for breakfast on the following morning; for the others days you can indicate it in the sheet that you will find on your table

Tidying up rooms: The change of towels and sheets is provided for each guest change and for the same guests once a week.
Cleaning and extra linen supplies can be requested for a fee.
You have chosen a holiday in direct contact with nature,help us to respect it and protect the environment by trying to limit the consumption of water and electricity.
Help us to respect the environment by avoiding the excessive use of detergents and stain removers; try not to stain the linen with residues of make-up, oils or colored creams.
The bathrooms are equipped with complimentary toiletries and hairdryers.

Television volume: We kindly ask guests to keep the television and any music systems at a volume that respects the peace and harmony of the environment, especially during rest times: from 14:00 to 16:00 and from 23:00 to 09:00.

Internet: It is possible to connect to the internet inside the accommodation and in the pool / garden area. The Wi-Fi is free with a password that you will find inside your accommodation.

Swimming pool: The use of the swimming pool is included in the price of the stay, before accessing it it is necessary to read the internal swimming pool regulations which you can also find at the entrance of the pool. The swimming pool is open from May to September and access is possible from 08.00 to 20.00. The lifeguard service is absent. The Management does not provide bath towels for the swimming pool, which each guest must have independently. It is requested not to use the linen provided in the accommodation to access the swimming pool. Guests are requested not to consume food and drinks by the pool or bring bottles and glasses inside the pool.
Download the swimming pool rules
Theft and loss: The management is not responsible for theft or loss of objects left unattended inside the structure.

Parking: The internal parking is not guarded: although there are no particular risks for your vehicles, we recommend that you lock the cars with a key for greater safety.

Four-legged guests Small / medium-sized pets are welcome in our farmhouse, but cannot get on sofas and beds!
In any case, in respect of other guests, the hygiene and sanitation standards and for everyone's safety, access to the pool area is not allowed and animals must be kept on a leash near the rooms. It is also recommended that animals be handled in a way that respects the accommodation and equipment made available.

Smoking: Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the rooms and apartments.

Separate waste collection: The farm carries out separate waste collection. Guests are asked to separate the waste into the following fractions - PLASTIC AND METAL - GLASS - PAPER - ORGANIC - UNDIFFERENTIATED. The organic must be collected using biodegradable bags. The recycling bins are located around the corner of the cellar.

Extra heating appliances and open flames: It is forbidden to use extra heaters, irons and open flames in the rooms.

Heating In the apartments it is regulated independently by the thermostats placed on each floor. In order to avoid excessive consumption, please be careful to close doors and windows while the heating is running. If you plan to be absent from the accommodation for a long time of the day, it is possible to set a time program in order to find the accommodation warm on your return and thus avoid having to keep the heating running unnecessarily during your absence. (ask Daniele or Mariia).

Kitchen and dishes It is requested not to leave the dishes out of the kitchen and to put them away clean at the end of the stay.

Laundry We do not have a laundry room inside the farmhouse. At 700 meters in Apparita there is a self-service laundry where a drying service is also available ("Lavanderia Magico Oblo 'Via Temistocle Pace, 50059 Vinci FI

Reporting of breakages Guests are kindly requested to report any accidental breakages caused during their stay.

Reporting of faults and problems Prompt reporting of breakdowns or other inconveniences will be very welcome, it will help us improve our services.

For the respect of all: We invite our guests to adopt a behavior that respects the peace and relaxation of other customers, especially during the day and night rest hours
The guest is required to respect the rooms, equipment and furnishings found in the farmhouse
It is forbidden to bring people outside the farmhouse into the rooms or common areas, unless otherwise agreed
We also ask to be respectful of the environment, animals and to minimize waste
Access to some company areas is reserved for authorized personnel, for the safety of all we ask you to respect the prohibition signs
Children inside the farmhouse must ALWAYS be accompanied by a responsible adult, the Management declines all responsibility for accidents involving children left unattended
The Management reserves the right to request compensation for any damage to animals, plants, objects, furnishings and equipment

Contractual conditions

Reservation and confirmation: Reservations can be made either by phone or by mail. Once availability has been checked, we will be happy to reply within 24 hours of the request. The reservation is confirmed upon receipt of a deposit, by bank transfer, equal to 30% of the total amount, or credit card details, unless otherwise agreed.

Check-in Apartments: from 16.00 to 19.00 on the day of arrival. Rooms: from 12.00 to 19.00 on the day of arrival. In case of arrivals at a different time, please notify us in advance. After 24 hours of delay on expected arrival, if no communication is received, the Management may freely decide to cancel the entire reservation.

Check-out By 10.00 on the day of departure. Please do not leave food or drinks inside the room. If you need to stay longer, please notify us in advance to allow the best performance of our activities. Early departure does not entitle you to any refund.

Payments: The balance of the stay will be paid on the day of departure. The payment methods accepted at our facility are: cash, debit cards and credit cards Any multiple or particular billing must be requested the day before departure.

Tourist tax: The Municipality of Vinci established the tourist tax starting from April 2012. The tax is applied to the overnight stays of non-residents only, aged > 14, for a maximum of 6 consecutive nights. The amount is 1 euro per day per person.

How to cancel: The cancellation of the reservation must be sent by e-mail.

Cancellation fees: Cancellation policies vary according to the product chosen (flexible rate, non-refundable rate, offer).
Each product displayed in the BOOK section of the website www.spazzavento.it is accompanied by a specific cancellation policy. Unless otherwise specified, the cancellation policy is that of the flexible product, that is: A) for cancellations up to 2 days before the arrival date, no penalty will be applied; B) for cancellations within 2 days from the date of arrival, the penalty of the amount of the first night will be applied; C) for no-shows a penalty of 100% of the amount of the stay is applied