Winery in Vinci, in the Chianti Montalbano area

A history of wine and oil since 1873. The value of tradition and passion carried on for four generations.

Production and direct sale of wine and oil. Guided tastings . Visits to vineyards and winery . We offer you the opportunity to experience our farm and find out how our wines and oil are born. Events and activities for a direct contact between producer and consumer.

The vineyards and olive groves

The farm covers a total area of 8 hectares, whom 7 are cultivated with vineyards and 1 with olive groves and is made up of two farm buildings: one in Apparita, where the farmhouse is also located, and the other in Toiano, a few kilometers away ...

Handcraft wine and oil

We deal directly and personally with all the production phases of our wines, from mechanical and manual works in the vineyard, to all process in the cellar ...

Events and tastings

Making a good wine is not so obvious. It is the result of patient work and scrupulous attention dedicated to every single phase
of production, starting from the field to the bottle.
Equally complex is communicating wine , especially when it is "your own wine" ...